The Church of God
(La Iglesia de Dios)

Proves Biblical Sabbaths - Supporting Charts and Documentation

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70AD Temple
Calendar Chart 20 22 AD - 35 AD
Chart 1 --- Chronological Procession of Flood Day
Chart 2 --- Year Types of Solar Calendar
Chart 3 --- 7 Day Calendar Covering 6175 years
Chart 4 --- Year 20 Solar Calendar
Chart 5 -- B.H.C. [Lindo] H.C.C. Cycle Days
Chart 6 -- HCC & SC
Chart 7 --- HCC Short Years

Chart 8 -- HCC Long Years

Chart 9 -- Establishing Creation Dates

Chart 10 -- Establishing Flood Dates

Chart 11 --- Flood

Chart 12 --- Establishing Exodus Dates

Chart 13 --- Exodus

Chart 14 --- Establishing Joshua's Date

Chart 15 -- Joshua

Chart 16 --- Present Day (9-10-12-14)

Chart 17 --- Rep of 1,792 years

Chart 18A --- Parallel Calendar Year AM Year - Gregorian Year Summary Formulas

Chart 19 --- BC 18 - AD 1 Don and Louis

Patriarches and Flood

Proving Calculated Calendar, PowerPoint Presentation File

Solar Calendar Proves Biblical Sabbaths