Leavening or not leavening:

Some substances that are leavening agents are:

            * yeast

            * baking powder

            * baking soda (a.k.a., sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate)

            * ammonium bicarbonate (a.k.a., hartshorn)

            * potassium bicarbonate (a.k.a., potash)

            * potassium bitartrate (a.k.a., cream of tartar)

            * potassium carbonate or (a.k.a., pearlash)

            * monocalcium phosphate

The words for leaven or leavened products, (Strong’s Hebrew 7603, 2556, 2557, & 4682 Greek 2219) refer a substance (yeast or chametz) added to or the bread made after this substance has been added.

Some recipes call for letting the dough "rest". When this is done with sterile white flour or in a cool enough location for a short period of time, this may simply be allowing time for certain components to dissolve, but if left long enough, warm enough, and with whole flour; then yeast growth is a virtual certainty. Sourdough bread is often made this way without starter and it definitely is leavened.

Since beer contains yeast does it have to be discarded during Days of Unleavened Bread? The answer given years ago in the church was that days of unleavened bread does not mean days of unleavened beverages. However, if the beer is added to dough to make beer bread, well that is just a bit much because the beer is being used as a leavening agent.

Also, items such as dog or cat food may contain a form of leaven, but remember, it is the Days of Unleavened BREAD.

**Autolyzed yeast is not a leavening agent the yeast has been killed. It is a flavouring. (BBQ chips etc.)

Do Not Throw Out:

            * Fire Extinguishers

            * popcorn

            * Rice Krispies

            * Wine

            * Beer

            * Dog Food

            * Toothpaste